Ministerio de Energía y Minas


Minem receives support from Korea International Cooperation Agency to strengthen management in the remediation of mining environmental liabilities

General Directorate of Mining Environmental Affairs
July 15, 2018

· Donated equipment hardware and software for the computer system, as well as mobile equipment for field research

· Korean Agency contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the mining sector on its way to 2021
The Deputy Minister of Mines, Miguel Inchaustegui, thanked the contribution of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in the remediation of the Environmental Mining Liabilities (PAM) in Peru, as well as the donation of equipment for the computer system and equipment for Field research will be used in various regions of the country.

Miguel Inchaustegui thanked and highlighted the support of the KOICA agency, the Korea Mining Remediation Corporation (MIRECO) and the embassy of that country, during the presentation of the intermediate report of the project “Strengthening Management for the Remediation of Mining Environmental Liabilities” in Peru “, held in an auditorium of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem).

“This is a contribution from the Government of Korea through which the donation of hardware and software equipment necessary for the optimization of the computer system for the management of mining environmental liabilities, as well as equipment for field research,” said Inchaustegui .

He added that Minem is committed to a comprehensive reform of the national management system of mining environmental liabilities that, “we hope can be supported and supported by the experience of institutions such as MIRECO, whose contribution is only in technical knowledge and technology transfer, but also in articulation mechanisms with local governments, important actors in the process of remediation of environmental liabilities, “he said.

In another moment of his speech, the Deputy Minister of Mines, said that it is necessary to change the face of the world criticism that “does not see with good eyes” the environmental liabilities that are not remedied.

“In Peru we have more than 8,000 mining environmental liabilities and more than 3,500 hydrocarbon liabilities. If we want to generate a sustainable mining, environmentally and socially, which is the pride of Peru, we have to work hard in the remeasurement of environmental liabilities, “he said.

In this regard, he stressed that the Government has been working on improving the institutions responsible for this issue, with clear rules, modern and agile laws that allow attracting and encouraging greater investment, without neglecting social and environmental aspects.

Finally, Deputy Minister Inchaustegui said that with the support of Korea “we hope to offer the country an efficient, environmentally responsible and economically sustainable system that meets the serious demand to resolve mining impacts on the environment and join the important measures that are being adopting with a view to generating a socially and environmentally appropriate environment to promote mining investment and its development “.

In turn, Dae Hwan Kim, director of KOICA in Peru, said that Peru aims at a harmonious development with the environment and local communities with the objective of joining the OECD in 2021. In that sense, Korea South has experience in the mining sector, which is why it is trying to contribute to the sustainable development of the sector through Official Development Assistance projects.

“We hope that this project will allow both countries to share their policies, technologies and knowledge in an organic manner and that reciprocal models of remediation of mining environmental liabilities will be developed with advanced technologies that will later be extended to neighboring countries in Latin America,” the official said. KOICA

Korean support

The aforementioned KOICA project started in 2015 for a 3-year execution period that ends in December, with a fund of USD 2.6 million. Its objectives are to improve the institutional framework for the management and remediation of mining environmental liabilities; implementation of a computer system and strengthen local technical capabilities.

The support of KOICA is articulated by the General Directorate of Subject Environmental Mining in coordination with the General Directorate of Mining of Minem, whose results of the project will allow the implementation of an information system to support the strategic objectives of the Minem by 2021.

To date, various activities have been carried out, such as the consultancy to improve institutionality; joint field research of 21 former mining units; the establishment of the Strategic Information Plan; training courses in Korea, and also seminars in Peru.

Currently, information systems are being developed that include functions such as the presentation of documents online, the declaration of PAMs.