Ministerio de Energía y Minas


Almost 758 million soles were transferred to regions between January and May due to mining activity

General Directorate of Mining
July 10, 2018

Resources correspond to payments for royalties and rights of validity and penalty, informed the Minem
Mining is the economic activity that generates more income to the country, and this is shown by the figures that emerge around it. According to information from the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem), between January and May of this year, transfers of resources to regions throughout Peru, as a result of royalties and the right of validity and penalty of this economic activity, amounted to 757.5 million soles, approximately.

According to Minem’s “Statistical Mining Bulletin”, it is specified that in the aforementioned period, Áncash received more than S / 204 million, Arequipa more than S / 153 million and Apurímac more than S / 124 million. In the list continues Cusco, which received more than S / 87 million for mining activity, followed by Cajamarca and Moquegua, which received more than S / 23 million each, among other regions.

It should be noted that the amounts delivered by mining canon are not counted in the current statistics, because they are distributed in July of each year.

It is projected that the transfers of resources in 2018 to the regions by way of mining canon, mining royalties and contractual royalties, as well as by right of validity and penalty, will exceed the transfers of 2017 due to the expected start-up of the projects miners in portfolio.

Generating work

On the other hand, the “Statistical Mining Bulletin” also revealed that in May the mining sector generated 195,325 direct jobs, registering a fall of 0.3% with respect to the previous month. However, employment generated in mining continued to be higher than the general average registered during 2017, which was 189,962 workers.