Ministerio de Energía y Minas


Mining Policy

The regulations of the Energy and Mining Sector are found in a global framework of full legal stability, economic freedom, guarantees, promotion of investments and the pacification of the country.

Within these policy guidelines, investments and operations are in charge of the private company and the granting, normative and promoter roles are in charge of the State.

The main objective of the Peruvian mining policy is to use mineral resources reasonably, respecting the environment and creating conditions for the progress of the sector in a stable and harmonious framework for companies and society.

The regulatory development of the State pursues the balance between the rights and obligations of mining companies, emphasizing the environmental issue, in accordance with international standards and the commitments acquired by Peru.It does not neglect the aspects of a responsible business philosophy, which reassure the workers and reaches friendly relations with local communities and their culture, as well as with the national community.

Mining Policy Guideline

PEI 2016-2021

In this sense, the State promotes the growth of mining and energy activities by promoting the prevention and mitigation of environmental and social impacts, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the country. A basic objective of the Mining Law is the investment in exploration and the development of projects in the areas granted. Thus, it discourages speculative tenure by introducing penalties for the effect of unproductive mining rights, which gives opportunity to new prospects.


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