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Mining Obligations


ESTAMIN Mining Statistics Report

All mining activity holders who carry out or have carried out exploitation, exploration and construction activities, including those who are in a paralyzed situation, are obliged to declare on a monthly basis (ESTAMIN).

Please note that such information is provide online, on the website:

Enter the ESTAMIN

In connection with the Monthly Statistical Declaration (ESTAMIN), the form of the statistical surveys of metal-mining production, non-metallic mining and metallurgical production was approved in the Directorial Resolution No. 125-2006-MEM-DGM, dated March 20, 2006, as well as performance indicators and its publication was posted on the portal of the Ministry of Energy and Mines ( Remember that the obligation is within ten (10) calendar days following the expiration of each month. Please note that the non-compliance of the declaration is subject to the sanction established in Ministerial Resolution No. 353-2000-EM / VMM.

To access the web page:, it is necessary to have:

You can obtain both the username and the password directly from the DGM of the Ministry of Energy and Mines or the DREM of your region. Only the holder or duly accredited representative with his original DNI and a copy thereof, or a third party with a legalized power of attorney need to go to any of the aforementioned authorities.


Mining activity holders are obliged to submit monthly declarations in order to prepare the metal-mining, non-metallic mining and metallurgical production statistics surveys. Mining holders refers to those with a mining concession or benefit concession (in this last case, if they directly benefit of their production), and that are included in any of the following situations:

1. They have started their production mining activities or the competent mining authority has authorized its start;
2. The mining holders, which the competent supervising authority or mining authority has verified that they have carried out or are carrying out mining operations, without the corresponding permits or authorizations;
3. Mining holders who are in the operation stage;
4. Mining holders who currently have their mining activities paralyzed, i.e., mining holders who have previously carried out or concluded operating activities, but maintain the concession in force, and must declare without production; and,
5. The mining activity holders who have submitted monthly statistics and who maintain the mining concession or grant of current benefit, regardless of whether they are currently paralyzed or in operation;
6. They have a current Declaration of Commitments registered in the National Registry of Declarations of Commitments or in the Sanitation Register; and
7. They have carried out mining activities such as exploration, development, construction, operation (exploitation, benefit, overall work and transportation) and closing of mines in concessions that have subsequently been granted in transfer to third parties; provided that they maintain other concessions in force regardless of whether there is mining activity, and must submit the ESTAMIN, only for these concessions.

The mining holders involved in paragraphs d) and e) above, who have indicated in their Consolidated Annual Declaration of the immediately previous period, no mining activity of operation (exploitation and/or benefit), are not obliged to submit the statistics of production, as long as they do not carry out, communicate, be verified or authorized by the competent mining authority, the restart of the production activities.